Welcome to BigBadBlue Kennels, home of Triton the beast, and King Hannibal. We
are located in Montgomery Alabama. Here at BigBadBlue Kennels we breed XXL and 
Bully style pitbulls. We believe that we have some of the best looking blue pitbulls 
in the country. Our dogs have great temperaments and more importantly they are 
very smart and loving. Everyone at BigBadBlue Kennels has a passion for the American
Pitbull Terrier and our goal is to nurture and develop the best dogs from the best
bloodlines. All dogs on this site are either UKC, ADBA or ABKC registered and some 
are dual registered. BigBadBlue Kennels consists of three very good friends that believe
in one thing, that the American Pitbull Terrier was originally bred to be a loyal breed. 
We also believe that we can restore the good name back to the American Pitbull Terrier
 through a selective breeding process that is strictly based on intelligence, 
body conformation, temperament and the drive that the dog has to please his/her 
owner. We provide all of our dogs with a healthy balanced diet, exercise, discipline 
and affection from an early age. BigBadBlue Kennels only produces a few different
 litters a year from the very best blue pitbulls in the country.